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Sparetech is a global distributor of specialty spare parts, repair services, lab equipment and optimization upgrades to the semiconductor industry. Sparetech is the exclusive global distributor of Fala high precision bearings used in Applied Materials equipment, international distributor of Direct Repair Laboratories, associate distribution partner of GUTC and Highvac, associate distributor of SPS-Europe and exclusive distributor of Vélios IR gas heating systems.

High Performance Bearings

Fala Ceramic Hybrid Bearings Inc. is the worldwide distributor of Fala high-precision ceramic hybrid bearings and related spare parts for use in semiconductor manufacturing.

Fala Technologies is a specialty manufacturer of engineered goods, mini-environments and reticle handling systems. Fala is the only independent thin-section bearing manufacturer serving the semiconductor industry.

Fala and Sparetech offer high quality ceramic hybrid bearings for ultra-clean robotic applications.

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