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HP buffer blade

200 mm End-Effectors

thin-profile blade with elastomeric pads

Fala makes replacement end-effectors for 200 mm HP™, HP+™ and VHP™ robots.

Fala blades are .075" thick and take less space within the wafer cassette. Wafer scratching is minimized. Three replaceable perfluoroelastomeric pads are used to contact the wafer.

200 mm Blade Product Offering

Name PN Description/OEM Reference
HP™ buffer B1000 200 mm blade for HP™ buffer robot
HP™ transfer B1200 200 mm blade for HP™ transfer robot and VHP™ robot - 0020-21028
HP+ transfer B20000 200 mm blade for HP+™ transfer robot 0021-22044
HP+ buffer B2100 200 mm blade for HP+™ buffer robot 0010-75512 0021-35713 0200-00231
Replacable perfluoroelastomeric pads available separately.


Thin leading edge profile minimizes wafer scratching.

Aluminum base with electroless nickel coating

Three perfluoroelastomeric pads increase wafer traction.