High Performance Bearings

Shielded ceramic hybrid bearing close-upFala ceramic hybrid bearings and related spare parts are used for 200 mm HP™, HP+™ and VHP™ Applied Materials robots. These bearings are a direct retrofit to existing installed tools.

Fala HP bearings incorporate several design elements that together increase bearing life and reduce contamination.

Ceramic hybrid construction and full complement 4-point design ensures maximum rigidity and eliminates wafer droop, specially when coupled with high performance blade housings.

Guaranteed Performance

All Fala bearings are warranted for 2 years or 600,000 wafer-processed. Most bearings are sold as integrated maintenance kits that include high performance blade housings.

High-performance 200 mm blade housings

VHP and HP Hub bearings are double-shielded and use an orientation independent 4-point configuration.

Fala wrist assemblies contain high precision reusable tempered pivots.

Why use Sparetech?

No costly retrofit needed!

10 years of superior results!

Cuts three 30-hour PM per tool.

Operator-independent wrist assemblies.

Comprehensive product offering!

Proven Performance

  • Particles reduction after implementation of high quality bearings USA Customer 0.25µm logic

    "We saw an immediate drop in mechanical contamination after installing Fala bearings."

  • Particle drop after implementation of high-precision bearings SE Asia Foundry

    "Particle contamination dropped as we implemented shielded ceramic bearings."