Reusing Existing Components

Pre-assembled Centura 300 mm robot, single bladeThe ACP single blade robot cannot be repaired in the field. It must be swapped for a spare set while the old one is sent in for repairs.

Fala has designed a rework process that reuses customer components and mitigate issues associated with the OEM design. OEM bearing references: 0190-27066 0190-27052


A Reliable Rework

Fala combines several elements to yield the most reliable ACP single blade maintenance kit: high quality shielded ceramic hybrid bearings, high performance lubrication, concentricity control through remachining and load control via the use of titanium loading caps.

Close-up of Centura single blade lower elbow joint

Hub bearings are double-shielded and use an orientation-independent 4-point configuration.

Elbow bearings are shielded and carefully aligned. ACP PM kits are available pre-assembled only.

Robot Repair Cycle

Arms are repaired and re-plated as needed. Bore concentricity is restored.

All bearings are ceramic hybrid shielded.

Slip fit is implemented at the wrist level.

300 mm Reference Table

Designs compared

  • close-up of Centura Single blade robot OEM Design

    The OEM robot configuration is not designed to be reconditioned. Bearing load control is a problem and lower elbow bearing failure occurs within 8-12 months.

  • Fala Design

    Existing robots are modified to incorporate slip fit, high performance lubrication and enhanced leveling.

    Dual row static hybrid bearings are used for upper elbow joints.