Bearing kits for HP™ robot and CVD TI process

Description CVDTI process runs at elevated temperature and under corrosive atmosphere. This leads to plastic flow within the OEM housing, droop and rapid bearing corrosion.

High precision Fala bearings and modified blade housings have been shown to last 2 years.

Broken and defective OEM housings can be reconditioned and brought back to Fala standards.

Benefits 70% reduction in particle contamination. 30% improvement in positioning accuracy.

Warranty All Fala products are backed by a 2-year/600,000 wafer-processed warranty.

Product Table

Name PN Description
HP CVDTI A2300 Wrist assembly for HP CVDTI tool
HP Kit H22510T Hub, elbow bearings and reusable Fala wrist housing
HP Refill H22570 Hub, wrist and elbow bearings for robots upgraded with Fala wrist housing
Bearings, pivots and housings are available separately.

200 mm Summary Table

Many configurations exist depending on the applications

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  • Longer life
    Fala Technologies can last 4 times as long as other bearings, resulting in significantly lower cost of ownership.
  • No unscheduled maintenance
    High precision Fala bearings eliminate unscheduled maintenance events.
  • Cleaner
    Grease containment as well as precise construction keeps particles at the very lowest level.