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Substrate size
Ø150 mm
Substrate size
Ø200 mm
Substrate size
Ø300 mm
Substrate size
Ø450 mm
Process Stations

Spin processing with POLOS spin coaters

Spin coaters are used to create films with thicknesses below 10 nm, using centripetal force. Spinning photoresist is a common spin coater application but the POLOS spin processors can do much more! POLOS are used to create polymer thin films like blockcopolymers (BCP) as PDMS and PMMA, or as a low-cost solgel solution for spin-coated ZnO films. They can be used to etch wafers, clean particles, remove edge beads. The only limit is your imagination. Click here for complete brochure!

Want to go for a spin?

POLOS spin coaters can accomodate fragments as small as 10 mm and square panels as larger as 1 meter square. All POLOS spin coaters are suitable for typical spin processes such as cleaning, rinse/dry, and coating. Options are available for megasonic cleaning, developing, etching and fragile substrates. With over 2000 units in the field, POLOS is the reference for affordable table top equipment.

Built for multi-user environments

Each individual in fabs, research labs and universities employs different processes. That is why the POLOS Series offers unlimited options to choose from: intuitive programing on the touchscreen controller, freedom to upload and download from a PC (via USB), and access to unlimited programs/steps and graphical representation. This makes the POLOS SPIN150i the best laboratory spin coater you can buy!

See it through

See your process through the clear tempered glass lid. The hinge holds it at an optimum angle for easy access. For your safety, it locks electromagnetically until the end of the spin coating process. The grooved lid ensures that residual chemicals run safely to the system drain. A labyrinth seal protects the motor and control electronics from chemical contamination. The keyboard is detachable which makes it suitable for use in a glove box.

Uniform films

The syringe holder & diffuser for N2 purge reduce air turbulence in the chamber. The digital motor controller enables accurate acceleration and stable rotation, clockwise and counter clockwise. Our unique puddle mode allows chemical mixing, surface reaction and in-situ etch steps.

Made right from the start

POLOS spin coaters and chucks are built from natural polypropylene (NPP-alpha) . When the application requires PTFE, we use TFM 1600 material, more inert than standard PTFE grades. Check your chemicals'compatibility in our Spin Coater material material compatibility table.

POLOS spin coaters are built and assembled in Germany. Check Our model table for the best spin coater for your requirements.

POLOS is made by SPS-Europe and sold in the USA by Sparetech