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Cross section of 4-point bearing
OEM bearing joint after 2 years!

Bearing Kits for Producer® Robots

Producer robot arm

Full complement ceramic hybrid shielded bearings with PFPE-PTFE grease. Hub bearings use a proven 4-point contact design. All parts fit within existing robots.

Fala bearings are fitted to used OEM arms. Each arm is carefully measured and repaired to maintain bearing concentricity.

Producer arm close-up with shielded elbow bearingsA superior design! Bearings are an important source of contamination and downtime. Fala combines shielding, 4-point hub bearings, full complement and high precision to yield a 70% reduction in contamination and a 4X improvement in bearing life.

Shielded All elbow bearings (upper and lower) are shielded for optimal performance.

Producer® Product Offering

Name PN Description
Producer® loose 424000 Hub, upper +lower elbow bearings for Producer® robot
Producer® partial pre-assembly R50000 Hub, upper and lower elbow bearings for Producer® robot, arms preassembled
Producer® full pre-assembly R50004 Hub, upper and lower elbow bearings for Producer® robot, full preassembly
Bearings and spare arms available separately.


Summary Tables

Unmatched Performance

  • Preassembled
    Most Producer® robots ship pre-assembled. End-users save 5 hours per PM event. Hot spares are available to reduce lead-time.  
  • Maintenance Needed
    In spite of their apparent long life, Producer® OEM bearings must be replaced on a regular basis because of excessive grease breakdown.
  • Cleaner
    Fala elbow and hub shielding coupled with precise construction keep particles at the very lowest level.