Holidays 2017

In case you were wondering...

Lubbock: nearby Texas Panhandle has large feedlots
Singapore: a famous drink
Gratz: Alpine range
Regensburg: Bavaria is home to BMW and Audi
Tainan: Protect Intellectual Property
Hsinchu: “price cutting”
Crolles: la Dent de Crolles is nearby, a big peak in France
Rousset: One of Cézanne's favorite sites (montagne Sainte-Victoire)
Eugene: SK Hynix sold its shuttered DRAM factory to Corning in 2017.
Dresden: February 13-15, 1945
Fishkill: kill is actually Dutch for river.
Hillsboro: home to Intel
Albuquerque:  Another home for Intel
Chandler:  Extreme UV maybe!
Albany: F450C closed in 2017
Lehi: Everyone goes to lunch at Cabela’s
Avezzano: famous Italian drink
Agrate: Play on words about town near Milan
Manassas: Site of many Civil War battles, in Virginia
Fort Collins: Colorado was first state to legalize you know what.
Austin: known for heavy traffic
San Antonio: Remember the Alamo!
Nijmegen: Dutch people are tall, having gained 8 inches in the last 150 years.
Icheon: home of Hyundai Elevators
Dongtan: A place where you must kickback, can’t relax and not sure about the show
Shanghai: Word play
Malta: Maltese Falcon was paid as annual tribute to Sicilian Crown
Essex: Smuggler’s Notch Ski Resort
Xian: Home of the Xin terracotta army
Richardson: We wish we could do 75 mph on Route 75
Vancouver: We were in Vancouver WA, not the Olympic City!
Newport Beach: a nearby fab is on Jamboree road
Kildare: Irish step dancing
Sherman: Sherman was a Civil War general
Catania: Mount Etna is nearby
Boise: Boise means forested in French
Pocatello: lots of potatoes nearby
Minneapolis: Mall of America anyone?
Bromont: Large IC packaging house in town
Portland: LePage is French for “the page” and also the name of the current Governor

On behalf of Sparetech and its business partners, thanks for a wonderful year. It’s a privilege and an honor to work with you and your company. We look forward to serving you again in 2018.

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