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New Milford, CT — Beach time is over! Put aways your toys and Hawaiian shirts. It's time to hit the books and get up to speed with the latest products from Sparetech for photo, CMP, CVD and PVD.

Standalone NET 40 light
Get rid of acetone with our powerful water-based resist cleaner and stripper. Our esPRO fluids are non-toxic, fast-acting and completely explosion proof. They are so safe you can practically drink them! Use esPRO to strip photoresist and clean catch cups. Free samples available.
Socinex Proactively monitor your CMP tools using high-frequency 3D vibration sensors and detect problem with flexure, platen bearing or polisher drift. Production proven at multiple locations!
Prevent exhaust line condensation and keep exhaust below TLV with our next generation hot gas injection system. Now available with with a high flow 2 kW heater and remote on/off mode to save nitrogen and prevent overloading of of gas abatement system.

Monitor FI robots in real time using high frequency 3D vibration sensors. Detect double plunger action, Z-Axis failures, drift. See Youtube animation!
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Sparetech Inc. is a global distributor of specialty spare parts and repair services. Sparetech is the exclusive global distributor of Fala high precision bearings and Vélios gas heating systems, overseas distributor of DRL, GUTC, Polarion, SPS-Europe and Highvac Ecoguard™.