Celebrate 15 years at Fala

New Milford, CT (October 2014) — 15 years ago, Fala was challenged to improve the performance of existing vacuum bearings.

Out went brass cage and steel balls, in came ceramic balls and fine surface finish. The final product was the first shielded ceramic hybrid ball bearing in the semiconductor industry. Many improvements and new products later, Fala continues to enable high performance:



Fala high precision bearings are designed to lower contamination levels by optimizing grease life and minimizing robot vibrations.

Data presented at Sematech in March 2000!

Avoid slow and tricky robot maintenance: Fala products outlast competitors’ by 400%.

Fabs exist to manufacture wafers, not robots. Fala’s offline pre-assembly saves up to 48 hours and keeps contaminants out of clean rooms.

In addition to introducing silicon nitride balls, Fala has pioneered rigid tempered SS pivots and lightweight titanium bushings and linkages.

Over the years, Fala released many upgraded components such as blade housings, arms, bushings.

Fala knows your process and can discuss in details all aspects of proper robot performance, from pressure equilibration to vibration control, blade design and robot speed.

2-week lead time not good enough? Fala ships overnight in many cases.

Fala has a comprehensive catalog of bearings and robot components for all 200 mm and 300 mm vacuum robots.

Fala’s upgraded components feature high precision slip-fit and metal-to-metal seats, making maintenance fast and reliable.

Fala released many supplemental manuals, full of tips and pointers to save customers time and money.

Screws, washers, O-rings... everything is included to save time during maintenance.

Fala proactively supports all its customers on-site, making sure that its products are used correctly and ensuring that end-users are getting the expected results.

Fala was the first company to warranty vacuum ball bearings for 2 years. It remains the only company to have extended that warranty to all 300 mm processes.

Can you afford to use anyone else?

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Sparetech Inc. is a global distributor of specialty spare parts and repair services. Sparetech is the exclusive global distributor of Fala high precision bearings and Vélios gas heating systems, overseas distributor of Direct Repair Laboratories, GUTC, and Highvac Ecoguard™.