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New Milford, Ct. (July, 2013) — Sparetech is proud to announce its appointment as exclusive manufacturer’s representative in most of the United States for Highvac's Ecoguard™ point of use gas abatement systems and Taisei Giken Trappacks particle traps.

“Highvac is thrilled to have this dynamic distributor as our partner” stated John Catalano, President of Highvac. “Their track record speaks for itself. Significant growth over a short period of time and glowing comments from their customers. These are winning ingredients for a long and fruitful relationship”. 

Sparetech is a specialty distributor to the semiconductor industry. It released the Vélios gas heater system in 2012.  Sparetech focuses on optimization products that save customers time and money  “Ecoguard and Taisei are great lines for us because they significantly increase uptime and eliminate post-abatement condensation, providing quick and tangible benefits to our customers” stated Fred Bouchard. "These products nicely complement our gas injection systems".


Description:  Robust burn/wet point of use gas abatement system (twin oxidizers, 115 L/m each)

Footprint: smallest in the industry at 24" by 24"! Perfect for retrofit situations.

Innovative oxidizer:  patent pending oxidizer module that minimizes clogging.

Seriously green: zero carbon foot print when using hydrogen fuel.

Low water, cool water: as low as 0.2 GPM , waste water is temperature-controlled.

Heated inlets and coincineration: pre-heated inlets lines and coincineration gas used for difficult applications.

Taisei Giken Trappacks

Description: extreme capacity vacuum inlet and exhaust line particle traps. removes solid and liquid contaminants from gases.

Nearly constant conductance: pumping speed varies slowly over time.

Element style: captures 10 times its weight in powder through electrostatic adsorption.

Coil style: a coil attached to the condensor structure pulls particle through a swirling centrifugal flow where they are collected.

Combination type: combines the Trappack element and coil, ensuring complete protection over a wide variety of situations.

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Sparetech Inc. is a global distributor of specialty products, spare parts and repair services to the semiconductor industry. Sparetech is the exclusive global distributor of Fala high precision bearings, overseas distributor of Direct Repair Laboratories, exclusive distributor of Vélios gas heating systems, GUTC and Highvac Ecoguard™.