Holidays 2017

Oh the places we know. Oh the places we went!

We were sent out to pasture in Lubbock. We had a sling in Singapore and grass in Gratz. We were taken for a ride in Regensburg. We got PIP trouble in Tainan and a haircut in Hsinchu. We climbed out of a hole in Crolles and painted some pretty pictures in Rousset. We saw nothing in Eugene.

We had fun, we met friends. We met fun friends everywhere!

We did not bomb in Dresden and killed it in Fishkill. We yielded in Hillsboro but were still open in Albuquerque. We EUVed in Chandler but we did not 450 in Albany. We lunched at Cabela’s in Lehi and drank Cinzano in Avezzano. We were grating in Agrate. We battled in Manassas (more than once) but got disjointed in Fort Collins.

We went high, we went low. How we went high and low!

We hit road blocks in Austin but took a stand in San Antonio. We felt short in Nijmegen. We rode an elevator in Icheon and almost got dirty in Dongtan. We could not complain in Beijing (how we wanted to!) and got shanghaied in Shanghai (where else?). We caught a falcon in Malta and a trail in Essex. Our troops got baked in Xian.

We took cars, we took planes. We also took trains!

In Richardson, we did 75 on 75. We were not in Canada in Vancouver. We jamboreed in Newport Beach and stepped in Kildare. We saw the general in Sherman and lava in Catania. We cleared trees in Boise and had potatoes in Pocatello. We shopped in Minneapolis and packed it in in Bromont. We turned LePage in Portland.

We met you, you met us. We will meet again soon!

On behalf of Sparetech and its business partners, thanks for a wonderful year. It’s a privilege and an honor to work with you and your company. We look forward to serving you again in 2018. For hints to puns.

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Sparetech Inc. is a global distributor of vacuum and CMP bearings, robot repair services, high intensity inspection lights, spin-coat processors, direct laser writers, hot gas injection systems, 3D MEMS sensors and sensor integration modules, Best Wishes for 2018!