Find hidden particles with NET40

New Milford, CT (March 2015) — Die killing particles are ghostly characters. Wet clean, dry wipe; you can spend days hunting these little guys.

Light 'em up with our ultra high flux UV light. Designed for fab use, NET40 will make them pop like the 4th of July.

Standalone NET 40 light

Troubleshoot contamination problems with this rugged hand-held 40 W UV light source. Particles can't hide from the 4000 lumens NET40, even in deep recesses. Cheaper and more effective than surface particle counters: schedule your free 2-week demo today!

40 W HID Xe 365 nm lamp - 2500 Hr-rated bulb - electroformed reflector - Li-ion battery life: 80 min. - 3" beam, minimal spread - magnetic switch - rail handle - 1.34 kg

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