June, 2009



 Remanufactured Spindles Extend Service Life and Lower
Repair Cost for LAM-SEZ Da Vinci Wet Etch Tools  

Fala Technologies, the only independent thin-section bearing manufacturer in the semiconductor industry, and Sparetech Inc., a distributor of specialty parts, have introduced a high performance remanufactured spindle for use in LAM-SEZ Da Vinci DV34 and DV38 wet etch tools. The rebuilt spindles improve performance over original OEM parts while costing less and having a longer more predictable service life. They utilize high-precision shielded ceramic hybrid bearings packed with a high performance non-fluorinated lubricant. These unique bearings are rated to 16,000 rpm. Used or broken spindles are disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt with new bearings to Fala specifications, which are better than original OEM specs. Refurbished parts are returned in two weeks. Fala remanufactured spindles are warranted for two years.
"Companies that utilize multiple Da Vinci tools can expect to save over $100K per year on spindles," noted Fred Bouchard, sales manager of Sparetech.
Fala Technologies Inc.
For more than 60 years Fala Technologies Inc. has been producing precision-machined parts for technology applications. Today, from the Fala state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot Kingston, NY facility, the company provides innovative engineering, advanced technology products and services to the global semiconductor and nanotechnology markets. Advanced R&D organizations such as International Sematech and Albany Nanotech as well as leading OEMs rely on Fala products. This includes shielded ceramic bearings, mini-environments, automated front-end handling systems, clean room templates, wafer/reticle depodders and reticle shufflers for use in robots, valve assemblies, spindles and motors.
Fala Technologies Inc.
430 Old Neighborhood Road
Kingston, NY 12401
Tel: 845-336-4000
Toll-Free: 1-888-FALATECH
Email: info@falatech.com
Sparetech Inc.
Sparetech Inc. is a worldwide distributor of specialty spare parts to the semiconductor and related industries with a special focus on robotic contamination reduction and reducing cost to manufacture. It is the exclusive global distributor of Fala high precision bearings. Sparetech is located in Connecticut and can be reached via email at info@sparetech.com or by phone at 1-860-350-2825 

Contact: Fred.Bouchard@sparetech.com  www.sparetech.com
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Sparetech SpindleSparetech and Fala Technologies introduce high performance remanufactured spindles for use in LAM-SEZ Da Vinci DV34 and DV38 wet etch tools.





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