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Cross section of 4-point bearing

Bearing Kits for VHP+™ Etch Robots

Full complement ceramic hybrid shielded bearings with PFPE-PTFE grease. Hub bearings use a proven 4-point contact design. All parts fit within existing HP™ robots.

OEM wrist assemblies cannot be repaired because of the extensive use of press-fitting. We recommend Fala reusable pivots and blade housings.

Ultima pivot

Trouble Free Performance! Bearings are an important source of contamination and downtime. Fala combines shielding, 4-point, full complement, and high precision to yield a 70% reduction in contamination and a 4X improvement in bearing life.

Warranty All Fala products are backed by a 2-year/600,000 wafer-processed warranty.

VHP+™ Product Offering

Name PN Description
VHP+ etch kit H52210-X Hub, wrist, and elbow bearings for VHP+™ robot with new high precision buffer blade housing
VHP™ Refill H52199 Hub, wrist, and elbow bearings for VHP+™ robot fitted with Fala housing technology
VHP+ etch housing A2004 High performance housing for VHP+ etch application
Bearings, pivots, and housings available separately.


200 mm Summary Table

Unmatched Performance

  • Longer Life
    Fala Technologies can last 4 times as long as other bearings, resulting in significantly lower cost of ownership.
  • No unscheduled maintenance
    High precision Fala bearings eliminate unscheduled maintenance events.
  • Cleaner
    Grease containment as well as precise construction keeps particles at the very lowest level.