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Cross section of 4-point bearing

Bearing Kits for VxP™ 300 mm Robots

VxP duplex hub bearing

VxP™ robots cannot be repaired in the field. The waist assemblies must be taken apart using specialized equipment not available within a fab environment.

Fala has developed a new duplex bearing and an internal rework process that yields a cleaner and longer lasting assembly.

This remanufactured solution has been been used worldwide since 2006.

Assembled VxP robot

Superior Performance! Bearings are an important source of contamination and downtime. Fala combines shielding, 4-point, full complement and high precision to yield a 70% reduction in contamination and a 4X improvement in bearing life.

Warranty All Fala products are backed by a 2-year/600,000 wafer-processed warranty.

VxP™ Product Offering

Name PN Description
VxP™ Rework R40200 Reworked customer-supplied waist assembly with 2 new duplex bearings, 8 elbow bearings and full pre-assembly.


300 mm Reference Table

Many configurations exist depending on the applications

Consult our 300 mm Reference Table for cross-reference information.  

Unmatched Performance

  • Longer Life
    Fala Technologies can last 4 times as long as other bearings, resulting in significantly lower cost of ownership.
  • No Unscheduled Maintenance
    High precision Fala bearings eliminate unscheduled maintenance events.
  • Better Design
    Fala uses a grease containment bar to increase bearing rigidity and keep lubrication in place.