High Quality Bearings for Endura® XP™ Robots

XP robotThe Endura XP™ robot from Applied Materials cannot be repaired in the field. The waist assemblies must be taken apart using specialized equipment not available within a semiconductor manufacturing environment.

Fala has developed a new duplex bearing and an internal rework process that yields a cleaner and longer lasting assembly.

This remanufactured solution has been been used worldwide since 2006.

Bearings are replaced and improved

Fala XP™ bearings are warranted for 2 years or 600,000 wafer-processed. They are sold exclusively within reworked waist assemblies. "Hot" waist assemblies are available to shorten lead time.

Duplex hub bearing for XP robot

Fala recommends high performance wrist assemblies containing high precision reusable tempered pivots.

XP Repair Cycle

Used customer assemblies are remanufactured.

Fala wrist assemblies are recommended.

300 mm Reference Table

Rework Details

  • Cross-section of XP waist assembly Shimmed

    Each assembly is carefully taken apart, cleaned, and rebuilt with new duplex bearings. Micro-shimming evens the mechanical load and lengthens assembly life.

  • Reinforced Grease Well

    Fala duplex bearings contain an internal stiffening bar that increases rigidity and keeps lubrication in place.