Reusing Existing Components

Pre-assembled Centura 300 mm robot, single bladeThe Centura® single blade robot can be difficult to repair in the field. Extensive use of press-fitting and complicated loading mechanisms make it short lived and hard to maintain in working order.

Fala has redesigned the assembly to reuse customer components and mitigate issues associated with the OEM design.

Widely used, this solution has been reviewed at the 2008 and 2009 ISMI Manufacturing Symposium.

A Complete Redesign

Fala combines several elements to yield the most reliable Centura® single blade maintenance kit: high quality shielded ceramic hybrid bearings, concentricity control through remachining and load control via the use of titanium loading caps.

Close-up of Centura single blade lower elbow joint

Hub bearings are double-shielded and use an orientation-independent 4-point configuration.

Elbow bearings are shielded and carefully aligned. Centura® PM kits are available pre-assembled only.

Robot Repair Cycle

Arms are repaired and re-plated. Bore concentricity is restored.

Larger wrist bearings are used. All bearings are shielded.

Slip fit is implemented at the wrist level.

300 mm Reference Table

Designs compared

  • close-up of Centura Single blade robot OEM Design

    The OEM robot configuration is not designed to be reconditioned. Bearing load control is a problem and lower elbow bearing failure occurs within 6-8 months.

  • Fala Design

    Existing robots are modified to incorporate slip fit, stainless steel hubs, and high precision loading plates.

    Covers are grooved, and micro-shimming is used to control gap.