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Highvac Ecoguard

The most efficient way to destroy dangerous and toxic exhaust gases. The EcoGuard abatement system integrates a thermal pyrolytic / oxidizer, a two-stage water absorber (scrubber) and a gas cooler. It uses a liquid re-circulation pump and a holding tank with an auto top-off feature. The system is controlled and monitored with a PLC and touch panel interface module. It will run up to four process tools. Fuel-on-demand feature, and flashback controller are built into the PLC. Turnkey, modular and rugged design makes it an easy solution to your abatement concerns.

Technical Overview

EcoGuard is designed to destroy and eliminate hazardous by-products. The EcoGuard product line also offers a low-operating-cost solution for process and abatement savings through an innovation known as the “On-Demand” Control Program. Using sensor-driven process signals, operators can control the type of abatement required for the particular gas and only use what is necessary to abate and emit clean air to the environment.