VOC-Free Resist Strippers and Cleaners

esPRO fluidUse esPRO fluids to clean photoresist from tools and catch cups. esPRO are also available in lift-off formulas.

esPRO fluids are water-based, non-flammable and biodegradable. They are deactivated by addition of water or alcohol. Call 860-350-2825 for your free sample!

esPRO leave no residues after a rinse off with water. Regular cleaning rinses, such IPA, can also be used. Adding water (or alcohol) to the phase fluid immediately stops its activity.

By selecting the optimum conditions – such as temperature, ultrasonic treatment, agitation and drying procedure – it is possible to realize fast stripping of various photoresists, including positive and negative. eSPRO can remove a phoforesist greater than 10 µm-thick in less than 5 minutes and leave a pristine surface. eSPRO can be tailored to your application. We can help you pick the right process parameters to increase the cleaning efficiency and optimize your thermal budget. eSPRO can be used in a batch or single wafer system.

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Product Attributes

Safer no harmful vapors, non-flammable, water based!

Quicker Strong action eliminates needs to scrub.

Customizable Formulation can be tailored to your process.

Gentle Acetone-free, NMP-free, DMSO-free, SC1-free

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