About FALA Technologies Inc.

Fala Technologies Inc. designs and builds advanced tools and innovative systems to solve critical manufacturing problems and enable cost effective production of products and consumables for the Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, & Biotechnology industries.

Fala Technologies was first to release gothic ceramic hybrid full complement thin section bearings for semiconductor robotic applications. Lauded for extended particle free performance, Fala bearings are used by many 200 and 300 mm semiconductor manufacturers. All Fala products are mechanically tested and come with a full guarantee.

Fala Technologies is the only independent thin-section bearing manufacturer active in the semiconductor industry.

Fala reworks and improves robot components to achieve the full potential of their unique bearings. Blade housings, pivots and arms have been reworked and redesigned to maximize bearing life and minimize contamination. As today’s semiconductor industry moves toward smaller and smaller chip line circuitry, the control and mitigation of particle contamination becomes increasingly critical. The combination of full complement bearing design, the use of shields and Fala’s proprietary SFD3 lubricant drives particle contamination down to an absolute minimum.

Fala is at work developing future product lines to advance robotic handling for next-generation, small-line circuitry semiconductor fabs.

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