High Performance Gas Abatement for CVD, ALD and EPI

Shielded ceramic hybrid bearing close-upHighvac's EcoGuard integrates of a thermal pyrolytic / oxidizer, two stage water absorber (scrubber) and gas cooler into a best-in-class gas abatement system. It uses a liquid re-circulation pump and a holding tank with an auto top-off feature. The system is PLC-controlled with a touch panel interface module. It runs up to four process tools. Fuel-on-demand feature, and flashback controller are built into the PLC. Turnkey, modular and rugged design makes it an easy solution to your abatement concerns.

Eliminate Exhaust Line Condensation!

Vélios is the ultimate hot nitrogen gas injection system for gas abatement. It stops condensation of reagents and reaction by-products in exhaust pipes. Ultra-hot nitrogen heats and dilutes effluents within a wide process window to match your process requirements.


Heating canister is double-contained and comes with a thermal blanket.

Non-contact heating is compatible with all process gases.

Why use Ecoguard?

Small footprint

Energy efficient

Low cost

Low water usage

No CO2 emissions when using hydrogen as fuel!

Proven Performance

  • Particles reduction after implementation of high quality bearings USA Customer 20 nm logic

    "We were able to eliminate condensation from our exhaust lines"

  • Particle drop after implementation of high-precision bearingsSE Asia Foundry

    "Easy to install."