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Cross section of 4-point bearing


SEZ DaVinci™ rebuilt spindles improve performance over original OEM parts while costing less and having a longer more predictable service life. They utilize high-precision shielded ceramic hybrid bearings packed with a high performance non-fluorinated lubricant. The Fala replacement bearings are rated to 16,000 rpm. Used or broken spindles are disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt with new bearings to Fala specifications, which are better than original OEM specs. Refurbished parts are returned in two weeks. Fala remanufactured spindles are warranted for two years.

Repair Details

Additional Information

  • Bearings
    To achieve maximum life, Fala uses shielded hybrid ball bearings instead of fragile needle bearings. The load bearing balls are SiN and the spacers are SS balls.
  • Housing
    Housing is cleaned. Mounting surfaces are examined for flatness and reworked as needed.