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200 mm housings differ slightly

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4-point design Every load bearing ball is making 4 simultaneous contacts, 2 to the outer race and 2 to the inner race. This type of bearing is symmetrical.  
Angular design Every load bearing ball is making 2 simultaneous contacts, 1 to the inner race and 1 to the outer race, typically at 45 degrees. This type of bearing is directional and is used in opposing pairs.  
Gear profiling For optimal power transfer, teeth can be profiled or curved to eliminate jerky motion. Wire EDM is used to cut small profiled gears. Gear background information with movie
PFPE-PTFE Perfluoropolyether mixed with perflurotetraethylene powder, usable from room temperature to 230 °C. Prefered for high vacuum applications. Sold under various brand names, such as Braycote, Microcote, Krytox...
MAC Multiply Alkyl cyclopentane, Usable to 150 °C. Developed for space applications, MAC greases and oils are 10X more durable than equivalent PFPE greases but of limited use in high temperature applications because of their high vapor pressure. Sold under NyeTorr
Complement A measure of the quantity of balls within a ball bearing. A high complement lowers the grease pressure.  
Internal clearance A measure of the internal open space within a bearing. Usually, there is a difference between free internal clearance and mounted internal clearance, especially for press-fit assemblies.  
Ceramic hybrid design Refers to a bearing where the load bearing element is ceramic (usually SiN) and the spacer element is a metallic ball (usually stainless). Not to be confused with ceramic bearings where the races are ceramic and the balls are plastic (for corrosive environment).  
FRU Field-Replaceable-Unit; a robot component intended to be discarded at end of life and replaced with a new one. Some of these FRU can be reworked but most are designed to be thrown out.  
Perfluoroelastomeric pads Small pads made from fully fluorinated polymeric chains. They are sticky compared to bare metal and have acceptable temperature and thermal resistance. Sold under Kalrez® and other brands.
Radial bearing Bearing where the contact point is parallel to the bearing orientation.  
Deep groove bearing A type of 4-point bearing where the contact points are closer to the bearing center.