Monitor every photoresist dispense event!

Basic Data FlowPRS (Photoresist system) by Grade Up Technology Group monitors in real time the volume of each photoresist dispense. PRS is able to alarm, interlock tools or download data through SECS protocols. The MEMS liquid flow detector's small size allows for simple retrofit into all existing track systems. More than 2000 of these sensors have been retrofitted by Grade Up into TEL, SVG, FSI and other leading track makers.

Cheaper than mini pumps, more accurate than ultrasonic

Modern semiconductor fabrications facilities must continue to lower resist dispense volumes while segregating improperly coated wafers. Most existing tracks do not detect photoresist dispense volume. MEMS heat flow sensors have the speed, resolution and size needed to work with nearly all resist delivery systems. Grade Up is the leading edge company in dispense sensor integration for existing track tools.

Resist dispense profile

Is my tool here?

Proven Performance

  • MEMS Liquid Sensor MEMS liquid flow sensor

    "easy to integrate sensors helped me save 10% in photoresist costs"

  • SPC control of photoresist Taiwan Customer Lithius

    "with full SPC integration, I can decide when maintenance is required and quickly segregate poorly coated wafers"