Remote Control Management

GUTCRCM from Grade Up is a centralized management system for remote control of fab tools. Nearly all process tools can be accessed in real time through RCM. RCM can be implemented and less expensively than OEM equivalent solutions.

Single terminal multi-tool access

RCM can monitor and control multiple tools fomr a single terminal. Any computer terminal can access any tool through an authorization table. It can remotely control every tool on the fab floor, from inside or touside the fab, even from outside the building!

RCM multi-display panel

Why use GUTC?

Proven Performance

  • RCM Terminal In-fab terminal

    Any computer can become a RCM terminal with access to any tools. No dedicated computer needed anywhere.

  • Worker at RCM workstation Stop walking!

    "RCM allows me to control all my tools from one spot..."