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Cross section of 4-point bearing

LAM-SEZ™ Spindles

SEZ Da Vinci™ is a popular single wafer wet clean tool widely used in the industry. The many spindles are periodically replaced. The lifetime of OEM parts is short and unpredictable. Fala integrates numerous upgrades in the actual repair to yield reliable and long lasting parts. In particular:

DNS SU-3000 & SU-3100

DNS™ cleaning and wet etch tools contain high-speed chucks. Fala has developed a replacement bearing for those chucks that improves life by a factor of 3! The redesigned bearing incorporates state of the art technology:

Repair Details

Additional Information

  • Bearings
    To achieve maximum life, Fala uses shielded hybrid ball bearings instead of fragile needle bearings. The load bearing balls are SiN and the spacers are SS balls.
  • Shaft
    Each shaft is individually inspected for balance and cylindricity. Repairs are made as needed.
  • Housing
    Housing is cleaned. Mounting surfaces are examined for flatness and reworked as needed.