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Taisei Giken Trappak

Taisei Giken particle traps remove particulate by-products from the exhaust effluents generated by Semiconductor and TFT LCD manufacturing processes.

Sub-micron particles exhausted from CVD devices can be completely eliminated by centrifugal coil swirling and proprietary engineered filtering elements.

Technical Overview

Trappak utilizes electrostatic adsorption elements (Trappack Element), swirling adsorption elements (Coil Element)and combination elements which combine electrostatic and swirling adsorption. The electrostatic and swirling elements are effective in different situations against different powders. Combination elements are capable of handling many situations and are able to completely shut out all fine sub-micron powder.

    Particles Trapped!

    Additional Information

    • Compatibility
      Solid and liquid contaminants
    • Position
      Foreline or exhaust line