Bearings for ULVAC ENTRON PVD system

Ulvac Keytran robot components Configuration - The Fala bearing kit for the Ulvac 300 mm PVD KEYTRAN dual blade robot contains all the wrist bearings and elbow bearings necessary for normal maintenance. The bearings can be replaced by the end-user or pre-installed at our factory. Unlike the OEM parts, the Fala bearings use ceramic hybrid shielded technology with PTFE-PFPE lubricant for long trouble-free life. These bearings are used in the dual independant blade robot shown in composite form above.

Product Offering Table

Name PN Description
Ulvac™ Standard H10177 8 elbow bearings, ceramic hybrid shielded and 8 wrist bearings, ceramic hybrid shielded, lubricated, hardware kit included
Ulvac™ Upgrade R10177 All parts of H10177 + anti-backlash upgrade components.
Removal tool ULV_UE Specialty wrench for Ulvac maintenance
Replacement blade housings available separately. OEM Ref. 1039371A/B


Quality Standards

Unmatched Performance

  • Removal tool
    Ulvac removal toolFala Technologies has designed a speciality wrench that simplified the assembly and disassembly.
  • Shielded and lubricated!
    High precision Fala bearings are shielded and lubricated for longer life.