Bearings and robot repair for MB2 M2i PVD system

Ulvac Keytran robot components Replacement parts and repair - Fala has developed a set of high precision ceramic hybrid bearings for use in the M2i/MB2 Varian/TEL robot. We sell individual replacement bearings and mechanical repair services.

Each robot is taken apart, old bearings are moved, components are cleaned, repaired or replaced as needed and the robot ships back fully assembled.

Product Offering Table

Name PN Description
MB2™ Repair R70000 Mechanical overhaul of MB2 robot. Includes replacement bearings and component repair. Broken or missing components are remanufactured or replaced.
MB2 elbow E2600 Bearing, ceramic hybrid, shielded
MB2 elbow E2200 Bearing, ceramic hybrid, shielded