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1:1 analog connection diagram Vélios

On demand Hot Nitrogen Injection System, now with 2 kW heater

Vélios is the ultimate hot gas injection system for gas abatement and pumps. It's an affordable alternative to custom made heater jackets and heat traces. Vélios eliminates pump dusting and exhaust condensation by keeping mechanical pumps clean and lines free of reagents and reaction by-products, all the way to the gas abatement system. It keeps exhaust gases below the lower flammable limit. Hot N2 heats and dilutes effluents within a wide process window to match your semiconductor and industrial process requirements. Its' ultra-fast ramp allows it to be used on demand, cutting nitrogen consumption by up to 75%.

Installation Overview

Vélios is fast indirect contact gas heater that is 4 times more efficient than heat traces, thermal jackets or cartridges. Because Vélios directly injects hot gas into the exhaust pipe, the waste gases are quickly and completely heated. The final result: clean pipes from the pump exhaust to the scrubber.

    Condensation Stopped!


    • Temperature
      Room temp to 350 °C (Option: > 350 °C)
    • Gas Flow Rate
      20 L/min – 100 L/min
    • Power and Duty Cycle
      1 kW (100-240V), duty cycle ~25%
      2 kW (204-240V), duty cycle ~25%
    • Lamp Life
      3 years
    • Inlet Pressure - Connection
      80 PSI - 1/4 in. Swagelok or VCR
      80 PSI- 3/8 in. Swagelock or VCR
    • Heater Body Dimensions
      200 mm by 90 mm ø
      370 mm by 90 mm ø