Superior Wrist Assemblies

Housings perform a critical function.They define the spatial orientation of end-effectors and effectively control wafer orientation within the cassettes.

Fala has redesigned OEM housings to make them easier to maintain by eliminating loading torque requirements. Fala housings incorporate high precision full-body pivots and slip-fit for a long-lasting droop-free solution. They fit directly into the existing OEM arms. No retrofit is needed.

VHP 300 mm blade housing

All configurations

We have housing solutions for all 200 mm and 300 mm tools

HP+ Transfer Housing

Slip fit

Bearings are slip fit into full body pivots. Pivots can be reused indefinitely.

300 mm housing close-up

High precision gears

Each pivot tooth is wire-EDM cut with a curve for proper energy transfer.No grease is needed between gears.

300 mm housing close-up

Well built

Pivots are made from tempered stainless steel. Housings are made from 6061 Al with electroless nickel for durability.

Wafer Droop

Robot droop causes the wafer blade to eventually contact the topside of a wafer within the cassette. Droop is associated with bearing quality, component wear and design.

Fala bearings and housings eliminate wafer droop by increasing hub bearing stiffness and by significantly strengthening blade housings. This is done by using stiffer steel for the pivots and by making pivots completely enclose both wrist bearings.

Ideal Solutions

  • Now shielded!

    We have released a new version of our popular A3000 housings with a complete gear enclosure.

    This design is ideal for high temperature applications.