A Bearing Revolution

XP duplex bearing close-upFala Technologies ceramic hybrid bearings and related spare parts are available for 300 mm Centura®, Endura® and Producer® Applied Materials robots. Fala bearings fit your existing equipment. No expensive upgrade needed!

Many Fala 300 mm products use reworked arms or redesigned blade housings to control bearing orientation and load.

In many cases, particle-free bearing life can be quadrupled.

Guaranteed Performance

All Fala bearings are warranted for 2 years or 600,000 wafer-processed. Most bearings are sold as integrated maintenance kits that include reworked components and high performance wrist and arm assemblies.

Fala replacement Producer arm

VHP hub bearings are double-shielded and use an orientation independent 4-point configuration.

All 300 mm elbow and wrist bearings are shielded to contain contamination and grease.

Why use Sparetech?

Proven Performance

  • Drop in contamination after XP retrofit USA Customer 64 nm PVD

    "Customer saw an immediate reduction in contaminants after switching to Fala bearings in their XP™ robot"

  • Drop in contamination after Centura retrofit USA Customer Hi-T CVD

    "Customer lowered its contamination baseline after converting to Fala bearings in their Centura® tool"