Holidays 2019


Doc! How have you been? Me? I am still the center of the world but I have a chip on my shoulder… that’s why I am here. Need to get rid of deep implanted stuff, that’s why I started this whole shrink stuff. Everything I say is confidential right? I asked because of lot of folks are suing over me and the last thing I want is another global trade war.

It’s not easy to be me, defect free and all, having my own valley and TV show. I live under bright lights which is why I always wear a mask. EUV kills you know. What, you’re detecting a pattern?

Oh I’ve been getting around all right, jetting here and there, crossing borders and barriers. I’d like to slow down but there’s that darn Moore’s law to obey. The guy simply won’t let up and it’s been like that for 54 years. What a tyrant!

I have plenty of rivals with weird names, like they are part of a gang or something: GAN, INP, SIC and my favorite GAAS. Not to be mentioned in polite company. Me, I am quite polished in my own ways and they won’t let me get dirty. Hurts my yield or something.

Relationships? I have never been part of a couple. I am either single or poly. That’s my problem: I can never be A thing, it’s always semi this or semi that. Like my driveway does not quite reach the road. I’m only ever halfway there. Would you go to a concert with a semi-conductor? Me neither.

Of course I live in a gated community! We can be a homogenous bunch but there is one heterogeneous neighborhood. I can’t quite make them up: full of holes, punched through, flipped, living in stacks. Jealous, moi? You must be kidding. Incidentally, a lot of us are heavily doped. That might explain how we conduct our business, high on crystal.

I really should go on a diet. I was this small and look at me now. Plus I am gaining all this weight on my perimeter. I know, I am quite shallow but they way they thin me, what do you expect? It’s a real grind out there.

Now I look tough on the outside but I am quite brittle. One shock and I am in pieces. Look closer doc, I am full of defects but they are not killing me. I work around them. Part of my problem is that my memory is too good. I recall everything in a flash. I simply can’t forget. Like it’s etched or something.

When I am alone at night, I wonder how I went from lying on a beach, amorphous, doing my thing with the sun and the sea to this, being pulled in all directions? I guess somebody needs to be the center of the universe. Better me than that germanium cousin of mine. A solid state of mind is a requirement after all.

Everyone gets replaced eventually? I don’t see that in my lifetime. It would take a quantum leap. Are we done here? I know, my clock runs fast.

On behalf of Sparetech and its business partners, thanks for a wonderful year. It’s a privilege and an honor to work with you and your company. We look forward to serving you again in 2020.

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