August 2012


Hot Gas Injection System

for exhaust temperature control and other applications


Sparetech, a global distributor of spare parts and repair services, introduces Vélios, a hot gas injection system designed to prevent condensation in exhaust pipes.


Vélios injects metered hot nitrogen into exhaust pipes and stops the formation of by-products deposits in exhaust lines. Vélios dramatically reduces emergency events due to pipe clogging, extends vacuum pump life, and minimizes downtime by extending periods between scheduled PMs or eliminating them altogether.



Vélios uses a non-contact heating system that is more efficient and cheaper than thermal jackets.  Because Vélios directly injects hot gas into pipes, heating is instantaneous. Vélios eliminates internal condensation, cold spots, and maintains exhaust temperature over pipe lengths of up to 15 meters. 


Without Velioswith Velios

Scrubber inlet without Vélios after 2 weeks Scrubber inlet with Vélios after 1 year


Vélios is CE marked. UL listed and manufactured to Semi S2-93 specifications.  It has analog and digital input/output connections to control and manage temperature set point, flow rate, recipe specifications, and EMO integration.  There is also a thermal sensor at the  N2 outlet for safety shut off.


Vélios can also be used to pre-heat carrier gases, reactants, optimize pump-purge cycles, speed-up cryo regen, pre-heat nitrogen injection into mechanical pumps, control temperature between chamber and pump inlet and condition load locks.


Technical  specifications:


Temperature Room temp to 350 °C  (Optional  > 350 °C)
Heat flow rate 20 L/min – 100 L/min
Max. pressure 10 kg/cm2 (≈150 PSI)
Heat source Halogen lamp
Main body Stainless steel
Voltage 100-240 V


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Sparetech Inc. is a global distributor of specialty spare parts and repair services to the semiconductor industry. Sparetech is the exclusive global distributor of Fala high precision bearings, the overseas distributor of Direct Repair Laboratories and the exclusive distributor of Vélios gas heating systems.