Don’t let them get away!

Don’t let them get away! Use our new 365 nm 4W PL-6U light to find and eliminate contamination in chambers, FOUPs, and other wafer handling equipment. Weighing under 150 grams, the PL-6U gives off 1870 mW of pure UV light for 2.5 hours. Use it whenever a tool is open to make sure that no fiber or oil residues are left behind. Well made in Korea by Polarion.
Technical datasheet
Handheld 4W LED light, single mode
6061 Al construction, hard coated
Non-slip silicone grip
Seoul Opto LED CUN*6A1A
1700 mW 365 nm
Dimple-textured Al reflector
Micro USB charging system
LED charge indicator
2600 mAh Li-Ion battery
34X132X34 MM
Run time 2.5 hours
Charge time 2 hours
147 g
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