HolidAI Help!

We all could use some sentient help this time of year. For things like: “Is that smoke coming from the oven?”, “Aunt Mary is the vegan one, right?”, “Is the country out of oil or was it cooking oil?”. You worry about seating arrangements, we’ll cover you for vacuum bearings, robot repairs, CMP head membranes, inspection lights, resist flow sensors…

Here is our neural-network tested holiday menu. Don’t try to understand, just execute. Guaranteed results!

Braised turkey – Forget about roasting! Braising is the way to go for the ultimate moist meat with very predictable cooking time. A process engineer’s dream.

Home-made stock – Let’s go all the way! Make this the night before.

Chanterelle stuffing muffins – Like a couch, turkey needs stuffing. Since we are braising, go with stuffing muffins. If you cannot find fresh chanterelles (and you probably won’t), go with dry ones (reconstituted) mixed with oyster mushrooms. For the ultimate, make your own turkey stock the night before with necks and wings. High smile yield guaranteed.

Curry-paste sweet potatoes – Simplicity itself. Bake potatoes and mix with Thai red curry paste for a warming kick. Lime leaves optional.

Ultimate pumpkin/yam pie with vodka! – Hey, the vodka goes in the dough! For the pumpkin/yams, bake fresh pumpkin, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, South American squash, Korean/Japan white sweet potatoes etc. Adjust the sugar level of the resulting purée before completing the custard.

Shopping list – everything you need for all the above, sorted by department. Full countdown schedule included.