New Products

Polarion NET40 Polarion NET40 - high flux 365 nm hand-held light source for chamber and machine inspection.

3060-00283 SiC and SiN bearing - 6002 for hi-temperature conditions. Available in ABEC 1 and ABEC 3, with PTFE or PEEK cage. Also available without spacer. OEM Reference 3060-00283

0190-77187, 0190-77188, 0190-77189 and 0190-27317 0190-77135 CMP - 4.0 X 4.75 OD 4-point contact bearing for chemical mechanical planarization equipment. OEM reference 0190-77135.

52100 steel, various cage options

Call for 0190-77187, 0190-77188, 0190-77189 and 0190-27317.

hot gas injection system Vélios - Hot gas injection system eliminates clogging and condensation between mechanical pumps and scrubbers by raising temperature of exhaust gases.

Metered from room temperature to 350 °C, flow from 20 L/min to 100 L/min.

UL and CE listed. 75% lower COO compared with heater jacket systems.

QT105 GradeUp Photoresist System - Eliminate over-dispense and segregate all under coated wafers with GradeUp Multi-Sensor Device integrated with high-precision liquid flow sensors.

Retrofit compatible with most clean and track systems.

UL and CE listed

RCM Multi-Screen Remote Control Management - Control any fab tool remotely using GradeUp hardware-based remote control system. Avoid costly fab access and centralize fab operations. RCM is compatible with all operating systems and nearly all tools. Up to 64 tools can be viewed simultaneously. No annual license fee!

UL and CE listed.

LAM spindle Lam Direct Drive Spindle for DV tools - Fala Technologies and Direct Repair Laboratories have released a new repair process for direct drive spindles with elevator screw. All motors are repaired and tested and bearings are replaced with high precision ceramic hybrid parts. Warranty is 1 year, expected life is greater than 5. OEM PN 2337732-00 "DV SS drive unit"

3610-00155 3060-00459 Applied DSS and DSS+ Nanocure Idler Pulley, lamp tray and bearing

Fala has released a long-life replacement pulley, tray and tray bearing for UV cure lamp assemblies. Fits Producer SE/GT.

OEM 3610-00155 and 3060-00459

Wafer Edge Screener

Automatically detect edge defects like cracks and chips down to 2 microns.

The edge screener scans the wafer edge and quantifies broken and chipped wafer edges. It differentiates between top and bottom defects. It measures wafer bow and works with opaque or transparent wafers such as glass, GaAs, InP, quartz and silicon carbide. Wafer edge defects are logged for statistical analysis using neural network. Defects are classified according to SEMI standards.

Sold as a stand alone or integrated into inspection tool. 150 to 300 mm

15-2774 Plastic and ceramic spare parts

Reduce your cost by using 2nd source plastic and PEEK/ceramic chamber components for Steag, DNS, SEZ, Varian and LAM. Pins, carriers, chucks, etc.

150 and 200 mm

15-2774 Pendulum Gate Valve Upgrade

Lower particle contamination and improve actuator life by using our patented valve upgrade.

Works with most series 650

Applied Materials XP robots can accomodate 2 different wrist housing styles. The spacer needed to go back and forth is XP_SPACER, OEM 0020-75841. SS, stock.
MB2 bearing Varian/TEL MB2 robots contain bearings that need to be periodically replaced. Fala has designed special radial ceramic hybrid bearings that fit directly into the OEM robot arms. When necessary, we can repair and replace broken robot components.

MKS SACVD Gate valve SA/PE-CVD Throttle Valve Bearings

Product 1: Throttle Valve Bearing, Small, PN: E2500, OD 0.62”, ID 0.24”, Ceramic hybrid construction, shielded, angular, PFPE-PTFE lubrication

Product 2: Throttle Valve Bearing, Large, PN:E3750 OD 0.87”, ID 0.37”, Ceramic hybrid construction, shielded, angular, PFPE-PTFE lubrication


Quality Standards

Looking for bearings?

Low quality bearings cause contamination and mechanical errors such as robot sync error, wafer scratching, hand-off errors or broken wafers. Fala can deliver working prototypes within 2-3 weeks! We can work with:

Don't waist time with OEM parts or questionable second source parts. Use high quality Fala bearings.

All prototypes come with a full 2-year warranty!