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Typical Repair workflow

Polarion NET40 UV Light

Polarion NET40

From Polarion comes the NET40 UV light. Designed for maintenance technicians, this hand-held HID light gives off 25 mW/cm2 at 365 nm. It's perfect for detecting contaminants on metal surfaces and deep recesses.


Don't guess, detect

Metrology keeps getting better but our eyes have not improved for the last 150,000 years. When doing maintenance, it can be a challenge to see particles and identify root causes. Polarion's high power UV light speeds up maintenance and gives you confidence that a problem has been fixed.

particles on actuator

NET40 Rechargeable, 40 W HID hand-held light. Comes with its own tactical case, charger and laniard. Call us or e-mail today for your free 2-week demo kit.

Do maintenance the right way

Use high power UV light

to trouble shoot tools and qualify chambers.

Better than LEDs and surface particle counters.

The electroformed reflector gives a 3" OD high quality beam with minimum spread.

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