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Typical Repair workflow

Robot Repair Process

Robot repair flow illustrated

300 mm robots incorporate press-fitting and disposable components that make field repair difficult or impossible

We have developed various processes that take existing robot arms and waist assemblies and bring them back to their original condition. Higher quality bearings are used to ensure that robot life is longer that the OEM specification.

Full Pre-assembly

Broken or worn out components are repaired or replaced, and all robots are carefully reassembled. This saves 4-5 hours per PM and eliminates torquing errors that result in wafer droop or compromised bearing life.

Dual blade Centura

Multiple models! We offer rework services for most 300 mm robot assemblies. In many cases, we have replacement components and spares. In particular:

Time is money!

From good wafer to good wafer,

it can take up to 24 hours to perform robot maintenance.

This process can be shortened by 5 hours with a remanufactured robot.

An added benefit of preassembly is standardization. The rework process is almost done the same way, for uniform performance across the entire tool set.  

Hot Swap Units

  • XP robot XP

    We maintain several XP™ spare waists that are used to shorten the lead time and help maintenance planning.

  • Producer robot Producer

    We maintain multiple Producer® spare kits in SE Asia to shorten lead time and facilitate inventory management